Appeal of the Science Committee of CRASP to the academic community to promote participation in COVID-19 vaccination 29/12/2020

The months-long COVID-19 pandemic is devastating our social, professional and personal life, contributing to the deaths of thousands of people, both directly and indirectly, as a result of limited access to medical care.

In the absence of universally effective treatment, despite extraordinary efforts of social distancing and limitations in everyday life, the only way to return to normal and save many human lives is through widespread participation in COVID-19 vaccination.

COVID-19 vaccines, registered by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and European Medicines Agency (EMA), have passed all the required stages of pre-clinical and clinical trials necessary for their approval.

Technologies used in the vaccines are based on known and previously used platforms. The severity of side effects in the vaccine trials was low to moderate, and symptoms resolved after a few days. The observed ailments often accompany also other vaccines, but the benefits of protection provided by COVID-19 vaccination are disproportionally high!
As the CRASP Science Committee, we appeal to all members of our university communities to be actively involved in fair presentation of personal and social benefits associated with widespread COVID-19 vaccination.

Only through joint effort can we end the pandemic!

Prof. Elżbieta Żądzińska
Chairwoman of the CRASP Science Committe




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