The Conference of Rectors of Academic Schools in Poland (CRASP) was formed by Polish institutions of higher education which had the right to award the doctor's degree (or equivalent) in at least one scientific discipline. CRASP is the institution representing higher education and science community (as defined in Act - Law on higher education and science). The Conference was founded on 7 June 1997 by rectors of higher education institutions, being members of conferences of rectors of the various types of these institutions, namely universities, technical universities, institutions of agriculture, pedagogy, economics, medicine, and fine arts. Currently, CRASP has 107 members (including 10 non-public schools) and 10 institutions have the status of an associated institution. CRASP safeguards traditional academic values, including the constitutional principle of higher education institutions autonomy which guarantees the right of these institutions to present their positions on all issues of interest to the academic community. The Conference is governed by the Statutes.

The main aims of CRASP are: 

  • to inspire and co-ordinate the co-operation of the academic schools in Poland;
  • to undertake activities leading to an establishment of an integrated system of national education and to the development of the system of higher education;
  • to represent the interests of higher education and science, and the common interests of its member schools, including the selection of their representatives to international associations of rectors or universities. In pursuit of these aims, CRASP shall:
  • act to enhance social support for the development of higher education and science in Poland;
  • approach the Government and Parliament on key issues relating to the academic community;
  • protect the principles of ethics, academic values, academic teacher ethos, and appropriate level of education;
  • formulate and present opinions on matters important for the development of Polish science, culture and education;
  • cooperate with collegial bodies, associations and corporations representing the Polish academic and scientific communities;
  • cooperate with the Ministry of Education and Science and other ministries, authorities and organisations acting for the benefit of science and national education;
  • act to enhance the quality of education;
  • act to support subjectivity of students as well as flexibility and diversification of available forms of studies which result from the wealth of tradition of higher education institutions;
  • act to support a balanced development of the system of higher education comprising of all types of higher education institutions,
  • provide rectors of member institutions with information and guidance in the area of institution management.
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CRASP is a member of the European University Association - European University Association